First order

First order

In the Ottoman Empire coffee was banned by several sultans: the authorities realised that when people had had enough coffee they dared to challenge the existing order

1843 magazine:

Electric cars are coming, but where will you charge?

Electric cars are coming, but where will you charge?

Lack of charging infrastructure is the number one barrier to people in terms of buying electric vehicles (EVs) at the moment. That’s become the top concern, having overtaken price and range, according to Deloitte’s market research.

BBC News –

The current reality of EVs – especially acute if you live rurally rather than in an urban area.

Responses to Coronavirus

Bill Gates

“When we look at how #Coronavirus (#COVID19) is disrupting supply chains, stock markets, and people‚Äôs lives, investing a couple of billion dollars to prevent such outbreak will be a bargain” – Bill Gates

#GenevaMotorShow canceled after #coronavirus causes government to ban large events

#Coronavirus Fears Are Causing Tech Giants To Cancel #Conferences, Curb Travel, And Take Hits To Supply Chains

Satellite images have shown a dramatic decline in pollution levels over China, which is “at least partly” due to an economic slowdown prompted by the coronavirus, NASA says

Don't be flip with the Flip

Don't be flip with the Flip

A point to note if you have a new Galaxy Z Flip:

Foldable phones like the Galaxy Z Flip and the Motorola Razr can’t afford much negative feedback if they ever want to go mainstream. Elsewhere around the web, most Galaxy Z Flip owners are seemingly enjoying the clamshell-style foldable phone Samsung invested heavily in to create.

If you had a flip phone back in the days of feature phones – so we’re talking from the late 90s to the mid 00s – you’ll recall opening and closing it it was a firm act with a twist of the wrist.

That’s how I remember it and that memory is back with me again with my Nokia 2720 Flip (aka my ‘mild detox’ phone). That has a nice firm clunk feel to it when flipping it closed.

Just don’t do that with your Samsung flip phone.

Introducing the Outbox

It’s well over a decade since I started a new blog.

I decided to start a new one as the blog I’ve known as an online home since 2006 has just about fulfilled its purpose. has done pretty well for itself during the past 14 years. Variously a place for thinking out loud and sharing that thinking, a virtual brochure for consulting work, a second home for my podcasts, a place to tinker… even some awards during the journey.

It’s been all of these things and I do have mixed feelings about letting it go. I don’t intend to shut it down: that blog will remain online mainly as an archive although I will continue to post content such as podcast show notes until I decide whether or not to move that to this new place.

But it is time to move along in a place that will let me write and not have to worry about managing the place where I do the writing: I can focus on the content and what I want to say.

So I’ve started this new blog called Outbox on a familiar platform – WordPress. I’ve been using (that’s the self-hosted version) since the early 00s. But my interest today is in creating the content not managing the platform.

So this new blog runs on, the hosted service that let’s you start up a blog without having to set up your own installation, etc.

Here, I plan to write about many of the things I wrote about in recent years. Topics will probably be wider in scope, many shorter in length, and some instead of posting about them in 280 characters on Twitter.

So this first post marks the start of my new writing era. I’m not sure how it will develop, what direction I’ll take it in, nor how long it will last. Hopefully it’s not just a shiny new object.

Equally, I’m not sure how often I’ll post here. I’ve made myself a commitment to write something at least once a week, and I aim to keep to that.

If you’d like to join me on this new journey, subscribe to the RSS feed that will deliver new content to you whenever its published.

Let’s see what the road ahead looks like.